Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Google's gift

Found an interesting article:

Google is about to give its hometown a wonderful gift: a municipal wireless network covering the entire city of Mountain View, with free Internet access for both residents and visitors.

I checked out the network last week, now getting fine-tuned ahead of its imminent public launch, and I'm delighted to report it works better than advertised.

Not that I'm above looking a gift horse in the mouth. Google's grand gesture is incomplete in one crucial way -- the company will not provide live human tech support, which is often crucial for first-time users.

Google said last year it would build the network out of its own pocket, giving only vague explanations. As a way of learning about muni wireless systems, the company sometimes says, or as a perk for its roughly 1,000 employees who live in Mountain View.

My guess is that Google, young and immensely profitable, simply has more money than sense. Whatever the motivation, Google has pledged it would install the network -- at a cost of at least several million dollars -- and operate it for five years.

Google makes very smart gift`s - they will make it one of the biggest adv. network at the earth and will earn much more they spend. Google is not wasting cash, do they?


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