Sunday, August 13, 2006

Web Ads Show Just How Sexy These Clothes Make You Feel

The Internet is rapidly changing the rules of advertising — but using naked people to sell clothes?A French clothier is testing the limits of the maxim that sex sells with online commercials that use hard-core pornography to hawk $100 T-shirts.

The campaign by Shai clothing depicts French porn stars frolicking on a circular bed, clothed, at least initially, in the brand's latest styles.Shai's effort also foreshadows a trend in interactive marketing: giving viewers the ability to click on moving images in a commercial to buy clothing, movie tickets and other goods on screen. Rolling the mouse pointer over a piece of apparel in the Shai clip stops the video and pulls up a chart with price and size information.

full version here :,0,235688.story?coll=la-home-headlines
Personally, i dont think pornstars in advertizing is good idea.. maybe for teenagers.. just imagine - someone is watching porn and say - hmm, nice T-short.. let`s buy some :-)))


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